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Railsplitters Update Logos

After teasing a new look for the past month, the 2018 Single A and Fall Ball Champion Yonkers Rail Splitters officially unveiled their new logos today.

Yonkers displayed two new sets of logos — a steam engine locomotive main logo and an updated version of the speeding locomotive featured on Double A hats and Single A uniform.

The announcement comes a month after the team teased its new logo on Facebook with positive feedback. Designed by Guardian Sports Chief Designer Paulina Portero, the new steam engine locomotive main logo now contains the same color scheme of Grey, Yankee Blue, and Vegas Gold as the speeding locomotive and replaces the head-on diesel engine locomotive. The team’s secondary speeding locomotive logo contains the same color scheme, but updates the speeding locomotive and more prominently features the Yonkers water tower.

Main Logo
Speeding Locomotive

The Rail Splitters are capitalizing on their 2018 Championships, to make a number of changes throughout the organization. “Our guys did an amazing job last season and we want to keep that forward momentum going” said team president Jonathan Zeron.

The Rail Splitters open the 2019 season April 6th at Governors Field.

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